The end of Girls may be nearer than you think.

In a new interview with Variety, series creator and star Lena Dunham dropped a few hints about the HBO dramedy's upcoming fifth season--it will pick up after a time jump!--but the more surprising news is that Dunham is already thinking about how the show will end.

Dunham and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner have both spoken to HBO about doing six seasons of the series, but it's unclear whether it will extend beyond that. "I think America has a tendency to push shows past their due dates," Dunham told Variety. "I like the British model--in and out."

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As for how Girls will end, Dunham says it comes down to whether or not Hannah will be in a relationship with someone: "That's the question. And how important is it ending up with someone, and is that the marker of success for a woman?"

Dunham also expressed an interest in doing a Girls reunion film à la Sex and the City. "I have fantasies of us all coming back when we're 40," Dunham said. "We'd want to wait long enough for something to have really gone down."

Do you think six seasons is a good stopping point for Girls?

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