Syfy isn't new to "borrowing" ideas and making insane shows out of successful trends. The wacky zombie drama Z Nation rode in on the coattails of The Walking Dead; Alphas combined The X-Men with CSI, and Sharknado... well, we don't have an explanation for that.

Watch the Stranger Things kids entertain the Emmys with an "Uptown Funk" singalong

The network may be at it again with its new series Channel Zero, which sees influences from Netflix's Stranger Things and Black Mirror, FX's American Horror Story, and viral internet lore known as "creepypasta." Syfy gave the anthology horror a green light for two six-episode seasons, with the first one premiering on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

Season 1 of Channel Zero is based on the Candle Cove story, which focuses on a child psychologist (Paul Schneider) who investigates the disappearances of several children in the 1980s and whether they're connected to a children's television show. And in the trailer above, it looks like he isn't afraid to fight those kids! In addition to Schneider, the cast includes True Blood's Fiona Shaw and The Strain's Natalie Brown. That's a great start.

Channel Zero premieres Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c on Syfy.