Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Forster Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Forster

Ironside has booked a pair of veteran actors to assist in one of the team's most dangerous cases yet. TV Guide Magazine has learned Academy Award nominee Robert Forster (Jackie Brown) and La Bamba star Lou Diamond Phillips will guest star in the same episode of the NBC police drama.

Fresh from his role as Walter White's identity specialist in Breaking Bad's penultimate episode, Forster will appear as Virgil's (Pablo Schreiber) father, Michael Burke, an ex-detective and NYPD legend. While Virgil loves and worships his dad's professional legacy, he fears the job will do to him what it did to his father, causing some friction between the two.

Phillips will portray Stuart White, the head of security for a prestigious New York City university and a former NYPD cop who helps Ironside (Blair Underwood) and his crew track down a car bomber. The detectives find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse when the bomber strikes again, putting everybody's lives in jeopardy. The episode is slated to air later this season.

Ironside airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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