When he signed up to appear in the Sci Fi Channel flick Larva (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET), leading man Vincent Ventresca knew that the feature's creatures were likely to steal scenes from him. "They do kind of upstage me," he admits to TV Guide Online with a chuckle. "They're not like worms, that's for sure!"

Luckily, the Complete Savages regular was fine with ceding the spotlight to the monsters' mashing. "My biggest fear going into this project was that it wouldn't seem suspenseful, because it would seem so ridiculous. But everyone really committed to what was at stake, and consequently, it works. I'm really proud of it."

Needless to say, the onetime Invisible Man star is not among those performers who turn up their noses at fantastical fare. "I've always just wanted to be a part of something that ultimately seemed like it mattered, and that's what's so great about a sci-fi audience," he explains. "It matters to them!

"I like feeling that accountability to someone who is watching something that I'm doing," he adds. "[With a sci-fi picture], you know that if you do something completely inaccurate or false, you're going to hear about it."

So, in the end, the good-natured 38-year-old — an alum of the short-lived cult fave Prey — is happy to follow in the footsteps of forebears ranging from Steve McQueen (The Blob) to Kevin Bacon (Tremors). "What felt best about Larva," he concludes, "was that it seemed like we were honoring [a tradition] and updating it in a relevant way."