InvasionUm, remember when the creepy alien-leader sheriff brought the kids back from whatever cabin in the woods he took them to, where he gave them presents and dragged big duffel bags around and rode off on a boat with reflective safety sheriff stickers on it, at all hours of the night, and then two of the kids' real parents were all like "Thanks for not murdering the kids" and then we saw beach scenes from Abercrombie Island?

Yeah, this show was all over the place. And a little bit stale.
There's some locked door that's been teasing us for a few episodes now. Come on.
There's something going on with the children, and who "has" them. I mean...
There are religious undertones, only not so "under." OK.
There are literary references. Fine.
There are conspiracy theories. Done.
There are good-looking people on beaches. Oh, really?
Somebody knows more than everybody else and has an agenda. You don't say.

So that's the part that threw me. If you want to hide something, be sure to put it in a hockey bag and drag it out of your car late at night, past your boat dock and all the windows in the house, into your bedroom, and then back out to your boat later that night. Then start the engine and get to transporting it to an island of shirtless Old Navy commercial rejects.

Bitter? A little. What's that called when race cars get real close to the guy in front and use less gas? Drafting or something? Invasion is totally doing that to Lost. And that's all I have to say about that... until next week.  Darren Sirkin

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