Man, if that first 10 minutes was any less exciting, I'd have to dedicate this review to something like the evils of daylight saving time. I still denounce it, but in a way that says "it's cool if it's for people who don't wake up at 5 am." Seems like nobody's talking about it this year. Anyway, will anybody be talking about Invasion next year? I'm worried. After only one week off, creator

Shaun Cassidy didn't really "reel" me back in, even with that tease showing something tentacle-y in a cooler. OK, that actually got me kind of interested. But then they stalled for a long time. Seems like I've fallen for that before. Giant squid, huh? Great, where's the polar bear? Sorry, but ABC had me at Lost. Invasion does seem to be successfully following in the Goliath footsteps of that gem, but I just don't care about the answers as much during this hour and there's no shortage of those for us to wait for. I like the twists, the lies, the creeps and the creepy Haitian killer fisherman who turned out to be normal  but I really don't find myself pulling for anyone, good guys or bad. And seriously, who's good or bad? It's hard to say when they're hanging out together all the time and having regular family problems. Cool thing is, whoever's doing the "invading" is using a tactic we haven't seen, and they're believable. That alien doctor lady even cried, dripping her precious water all over the place. Clever extraterrestrials: They must know they're on a TV show that wants to survive for a few seasons. At least give them props for attacking from sea  that's almost as unforeseeable as the Country Music Awards taking place in New York City (which you can just happen to watch live at 8 pm/ET on Tuesday, Nov. 15, on TV Guide Channel). Darren Sirkin

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