InvasionHoly. Rip. Off. Did you see... I can't believe... flashbacks... planes crashing... suspense... character development... I can't even think of any smart-ass remarks. I may have a new disease, and I'm calling it "Writer's Blah." In essence, it means I'm so intent on comparing this show to Lost that I can't. All I can do is give props. So what, if it's going with what works? It may be riding coattails, drafting or just copying. Either way, it's smart and has me glued to my seat.

You know how there's always some jerk in your office who thinks he knows everything, and is usually right? Don't worry, he just got served. This new species of drama that ABC is serving up has me I mean, him totally speechless.

The creepiest guy on network TV is actually kind of a good guy?

The broadcast journalist aborts the big story in the name of family values?

The quotes and random numbers have me searching the Internet?

Oh, I used to pass the time by discussing Kari Matchett's good looks, but now I don't get up off the couch until I see the teasers for next week's episode. I always write things down, but now I write stuff like "wow," "no way" and "ooh." I also wrote "nipple," but that's because Doctor Hot-or-Not's shirt was wet. Anyway, Invasion may not have a huge ensemble cast or a six-season premise  but it's got answers. And I like the way they sneak them in: Mariel can stay underwater for 30 minutes; the locked closet really does contain hope; the weird guy who knows everything is ex-CIA; the aliens don't want you if you're sick; and finally, human or hybrid, these people have heart. It's a good show.  Darren Sirkin

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