Vincent Kartheiser and Olivia Thirlby in Red Knot Vincent Kartheiser and Olivia Thirlby in Red Knot

We're so excited to present Visionaries, a new video series that explores the creative process one fascinating person at a time. The series will include filmmakers, TV producers, musicians and other entertainment masterminds.

First up is Scott Cohen, a photographer and filmmaker who is making his directing debut with Red Knot, a brutal, evocative study of a new marriage. Cohen shot the entire film over about a month on board a research vessel steaming its way from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Antarctica. Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser and Olivia Thirlby (Juno) star as newlyweds Peter and Chloe, who join the voyage when Peter, a writer, is offered the opportunity to interview a famous marine biologist. As a result, the trip also acts as their honeymoon, but as the seas grow more treacherous, so does the tension between them.

Red Knot opens Friday, Dec. 5. for a week-long run at IFC Center in New York. Get your tickets here

Episode 1: Meet the Visionary

Artist Scott Cohen describes how his practice of shooting video and then photographing it led to his interest in directing a feature film.

Episode 2: The Space

Cohen takes us on a tour of his eclectically furnished SoHo studio, which is part artist's loft and part high-tech film-editing suite. Make sure you check out the collection of papier-mache heads!

Episode 3: The Origins

Once Cohen booked passage to Antarctica, he had but weeks to finish a script outline, from which the actors would improvise the film's dialogue. He talks about why he cast Kartheiser and Thirlby and why he invited composer Garth Stevenson to join them on their voyage to write the score as the movie was being filmed.

Episode 4: The Collaborator

Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men's Pete Campbell) tells us why he decided to travel to Antarctica with Cohen to shoot Red Knot with only his long johns and a script outline to bring the character of Peter to life.

Episode 5: The Journey

How does one shoot a feature film on board a ship? Cohen tells us how he and his crew dealt with seasickness, rough seas and the challenge of shooting in such cramped quarters. (Hint: It involves a lot of mirrors.)