Lana Parilla and Grant Show by Jordan Strauss/ Lana Parilla and Grant Show by Jordan Strauss/

Grant Show, along with castmates Jack Davenport, Miriam Shor, Molly Parker and Josh Hopkins, partied like it was 1976 Tuesday night at the CBS Lot in Studio City. The " Swingtown Block Party" served up plenty of disco, cheese fondue and high-cholesterol foods like doughnuts and french fries.

The ex- Melrose Place hunk is eager for his CBS series to premiere, so he can finally tell people why he's grown a 'stache worthy of Burt Reynolds. "I can't wait for this to come out so people know why I have this thing on my face!" he laughs. "It's kinda not cool in this era." On the series, Show plays an airline pilot who's one half of the swingingest couple among a set of sexy Chicago-suburb swingers.

Show is digging the vintage duds, but says, "I've spent more time in [this] wardrobe than the rest of my career, put together! At the end of the day, that stuff is like taking off ski boots. It's so friggin' tight. And back then, people were smaller, so it fits me in the waist, but it doesn't fit me anywhere else."

Fortunately for Show, they've started to fashion custom-made '70s clothes for the series. "I'm not really a clotheshorse. But this stuff is so beautiful. And what they're making for me fits so well, I feel like, 'Hey, here I am! Mustache and all!'"

Lana Parilla, who plays Show's wife, says, "We get to wear the most incredible outfits - though Trina, most of the time, is barely wearing anything. It's a challenge at times. But we just don't eat pizza!"

Show pooh-poohed the idea that his real wife might have a problem with the drama's swinging stories: "She's a very confident woman. She's fine. This is a job. I don't swing in real life."

Kate Norby (formerly of Boston Public) however, admitted to some friction with her aerospace engineer fiancé. "He doesn't really like that I have make-out scenes. I tell him, 'Then I gave him a massage... and then I had to grab him...,' but I'm just telling him what I'm doing at work!"

A drama about wife-swapping is an unusual thing to be debuting on CBS but co-star Davenport (of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and the UK series Coupling) says, "The network is finally trying to make a show that operates in a complicated emotional environment that people might assume is more the natural preserve of the cable networks. But I think people can handle it." - Sharon Knolle