Khalil Muhammed, Amy Schumer and Michael Ian Black Khalil Muhammed, Amy Schumer and Michael Ian Black

Season 2 of comedian Amy Schumer's riotously raunchy sketch show Inside Amy Schumer doesn't premiere until Tuesday, April 1 (10:30/9:30c, Comedy Central), but that's no reason to wait to devour some new material fresh out of the edit bay.

The clip below — a send-up of all those irritatingly ubiquitous jewelry commercials —appears in the season's sixth episode. A viewing of The Bachelor 's season finale on March 11 prompted Schumer send us this reminder of the hollowness of most bauble-themed romantic gestures and the men who use them to buy time in a relationship.

Not that Schumer's looking to settle a personal score. "I have not had this experience," she says. "But my sister and I are obsessed with shows like The Bachelor. And I know so many girls who, for them it isn't so much, 'I love this person enough to make a commitment' as it is, 'Give me this thing that I want.' And it's also calling out dudes who string those girls along. Hopefully it's therapeutic."

Therapeutic value aside, props to Schumer and co-writer Jessi Klein just for the simple cleverness of the jeweler's name: "DeFears."

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