Brian Grazer by Maury Phillips/ Brian Grazer by Maury Phillips/

Imagine's Brian Grazer has landed a commitment from Fox for a drama about the FBI, the first series in more than 35 years to have the full cooperation of the feds. The project, to be penned by Chap Taylor ( Changing Lanes), revolves around a character based on John O'Neill, the real-life G-man who warned the FBI about Al Qaeda early on, only to be ignored.... Per Variety, NBC has given the go-ahead to a legal thriller from Barry Sonnenfeld ( Pushing Daisies) that is centered on a NYC firm populated by civil-case lawyers who "do whatever it takes to win".... Per the Reporter, Oxygen has ordered a true-crime series titled Captured, as well as Deion and Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love, a reality series fronted by the former pro athlete.