After cozying up with Jules (Marianne Rendón) on last week's Imposters, Lenny (Uma Thurman) will reveal her identity to the gang in Thursday's episode.

In this exclusive sneak peek, Lenny follows through on cooking Jules, Richard (Parker Young) and Ezra (Rob Heaps) dinner. But the pleasant conversation soon takes an ominous turn when Lenny tells the trio that they belong together because they "share the same ghost."

Initially thinking Jules had spilled the beans about Maddie (Inbar Lavi) to her new friend, Richard and Ezra snap at Jules, who's just as in the dark as they are about what Lenny knows and how. That's when Lenny interrupts their fearful whispers by pulling out a box and instructing them each to sit down.

Whatever is in that box and whatever Lenny has planned for them isn't going to be good, bur fortunately Madi is stalking around the Langmore estate. We can only hope she still cares about her exes enough to come to their rescue if things escalate, even if that means risking her own skin.

Imposters airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.