Question: I'm going to stump you. I remember a TV show in the early '80s with a young Kirk Cameron and another young actress who only used her first name. I think the show was about the everyday antics of a few families who live in a cul-de-sac. Do you know what show I am referring to?

Answer: Stump me? Surely you jest, Jackie.

Sounds to me like you're thinking of ABC's Two Marriages, which ran from August 1983 to the following April. It centered around two suburban Iowa families, the Daleys and the Armstrongs, and the contrast between their lives. (The Daleys were a more freewheeling outfit that included kids from previous marriages, while the Armstrongs were a more conventional operation.)

Cameron played young Eric Armstrong, while actress Louanne (full name: Louanne Sirota) was his sister. One big name from the past you failed to mention: C. Thomas Howell played a young member of the Daley clan.