Question: I'm dying for news on Season 3 of Veronica Mars. Please tell me you have something. There might be some Diet Snapple in it for you if you do.

Answer: I have something but it's a bit of a downer. It doesn't look like Arrested Development's Michael Cera will be making a return trip to Mars. Per Rob Thomas, Cera booked a movie and is unavailable. "We're very bummed, but surviving," Rob tells me. "We're hoping to get him in the show after his movie wraps, but the boy has many projects, so we're not banking on it." On a brighter note, Rob says Tina Majorino (Mac) is close to inking a deal to become a series regular. "She wants to be able to continue doing Big Love, which complicates things a bit, but I think it'll work out. Fingers crossed. We love her."