Just a quick note here to say that if you enjoy Darrell Hammond, aka he of the many spot-on celebrity impressions, do not miss this weekend's Saturday Night Live. It's a special "Best of Darrell Hammond" episode, and all of the funnyman's best stuff is here, including:

- Hammond as Chris Matthews, in one of SNL's best Hardball riffs ever, with Tracy Morgan doing Harry Belafonte ("The poodle is the black man of the dog world."), Rachel Dratch as a daffy ACLU rep ("Blow up one embassy, and suddenly you're a terrorist. It's just hypocritical."), and John McCain as John Ashcroft.
- Hammond's Sean Connery choosing "THE RAPISTS for $200" during Celebrity Jeopardy.
- Hammond as Al Gore, on-and-on-ing during a presidential debate about his "lock box."
- And, of course, a montage of some of Hammond's best takes on Bill Clinton. (Remember when he made a play for Teresa Heinz Kerry? "There are 57 varieties of things I'd like to do to you.... And I'd do 'em with relish.")

Must-see TV for Hammond fans like me. Tune in.

SNL 's "The Best of Darrell Hammond" airs Saturday, Nov. 4, at 11:30 pm/ET.