Veronica Mars Veronica Mars

Question: I'll send you pictures of a naked Bea Arthur for some Veronica Mars prattle. Come on no one can turn that down!

Answer: How right you are. Here's some major-ass-prattle-poop: Mars' main man Rob Thomas is reuniting Enrico Colantoni with his Just Shoot Me lovah Laura San Giacomo! "She plays a woman who comes into Mars Investigation and asks Keith to prove that her husband is cheating on her, and the two of them kind of hit it off," Rob reveals. "So Keith is really hoping he finds evidence that he's cheating." Rob who would only say Laura appears in "several" episodes admits her connection to Enrico played a big part in her casting. "I don't think she would have done it [otherwise]. She and Enrico are friends. When I saw her name on the list, I said, 'This would be awesome. Let's try to do this.' And I called Enrico first and said, 'Would you be cool with this?' And he was very excited about the idea." Oh, how I love it when a shameless casting stunt comes together.  (Note to Lara: Please send the Bea pics to my private e-mail account. Thanks.)