I'll admit that I found the idea of having Rodney McKay share his body with a woman about as inspired as my composing a rock opera about George Peppard (you try to find a rhyme for Banacek). I don't know about you, but I'm still traumatized by William Shatner's interpretation of a woman in Captain Kirk's body in Star Trek's "Turnabout Intruder." But here, David Hewlett kept the histrionics to a minimum (no tacky simpering or sashaying, thank you very much) to depict the awkward and hilarious coexistence of McKay and Lieutenant Cadman (Jamie Ray Newman), who were lumped together in the former's body after Zalenka (David Nykl) tried to free them from a Wraith Dart ship. Sure it's a rip-off of  All of Me, but it's a top-notch rip-off and a great showcase for Atlantis' petulant genius. The smooch Hewlett plants on Paul McGillion's Beckett (Cadman has a crush on the Scottish doc) at the finale has to go down as an all-time classic Stargate moment (can you imagine ONeill kissing Daniel? Teal'c maybe). Elsewhere, Sheppard no doubt captivated by Dex's Hagar-influenced table manners was trying to talk Ronon into staying in Atlantis. I have no doubt that Jason Momoa has had some serious martial-arts training, but let's face it: Those guys Dex practiced with were as formidable as Kirk's red shirts. And I know Rachel Luttrell's Teyla could have broken that hold Ronon had her pinned with, because I could have. However, her split was damn impressive I've been trying to pull that off um, accomplish that feat in karate class for two years now and still can't do it.