Simon Fuller by John Shearer/ Simon Fuller by John Shearer/
American Idol producer Simon Fuller is known for producing shows with high pop-music star wattage, but for his next series, he'll be going inside a less glamorous profession: ER surgery and life as an EMT. His upcoming drama pilot,

Austin Golden Hour, has been green-lit by the CW and will follow action in real time, starting from each show's big starting trauma. The show will follow a group of tight-knit ER surgeons and EMTs in Texas, centering on their work and, of course, their personal lives. If this sounds familiar, the storyline was birthed from the experience of ER alum Lance Gentile, who cowrote the pilot. Think Fuller's up to made-up drama? Or will this series need resuscitation? I'm biding my time in the waiting room. - Anna Dimond Watch American Idol clips in our Online Video Guide.