Angelina Jolie by Steve Granitz/ Angelina Jolie by Steve Granitz/
Katharine McPhee has gotten engaged to Nick Cokas, an actor neither you nor I have heard of and who is almost 20 years her senior,

People reports.... Sex and the City's Mr. Big, Chris Noth, is expecting a baby with girlfriend Tara Wilson, the New York Post says.... Despite protests from a woman claiming to be the child's (supposedly dead) birth mother, Angelina Jolie can keep 2-year-old Zahara, says the adoption agency that handled the transfer of the Ethiopian infant to her celebufamily.... OMG, Lance Armstrong, like, so doesn't like Ashley Olsen, y'know, like that. (Snicker, snicker.) "[We] are strictly friends," the biker boy tells the New York Post. "We have hung out.... And she strikes me as a nice, smart lady." Did you hear that, Ash? Nice and smart! No wonder his ex Sheryl Crow felt it necessary to announce that "his personal life... is none of my business." Ohhh, there's so gonna be a catfight after gym class! - Ben Katner