Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez take on <EM>American Idol</EM>. Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez take on American Idol.

Just how awesome were Melinda and Blake last week? Who of the two eliminations was the bigger surprise? And who has reason to worry going into "Boogie Week"? We asked Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez, the hosts of TV Guide Channel's Idol Chat, Idol Tonight and Reality Chat, for their takes on these topics and more. How awesome was Blake's "You Give Love a Bad Name"?
Kimberly Caldwell: Oh my god, I think it was one of the best performances ever – ever – on Idol.
Rosanna Tavarez: I really liked it! If someone had said, "OK, tonight Blake is going to do 'You Give Love a Bad Name' and he's going to sound like a turntable," I would have said, "Um, he shouldn't do that." [Laughs] But it sounded really good. Like I said in my news blog: Can we get that on iTunes yet?
Rosanna: Totally! I loved it.
Kimberly: No crap, right? I loved everything about it. I loved the performance aspect of it, I loved the way he showed he deserved to be there, that he really wants this, the beatboxing was just enough.... Everything worked for me. How did the double elimination sit with you? Kimberly, I know it must have been a bummer for you to say goodbye to Chris.
Kimberly: I know.... But he and I talked and we are friends now, I'm so excited! I was sad to see both of them go, but two had to go. I feel like Phil in the last few weeks came back full-throttle, and I looked forward to seeing him go further. But at the same time, he'll have a career. I think the votes were split between Chris and Blake, two cute pop guys, and Blake just got more votes.
Rosanna: I like the four people remaining. It's going to be such an amazing competition from here on out. You have the three divas and you have Blake. It's going to be pretty awesome to watch that go down. Who do you think was more shocked to get sent home, Phil or Chris?
Rosanna: Maybe Chris. He hasn't been as criticized as Phil, so maybe he thought he'd be sticking around.
Kimberly: I think both of them were just like, "Whatever." I think that's their personality, don't you? "When we go, we go." ran a poll asking readers who they predict will make the finals, and "Melinda and Jordin" led with 34 percent, followed closely by "Melinda and Blake." Now, who do you think the readers have picked as their favorite to win?
Rosanna: I think they would pick Melinda.
Kimberly: Melinda. You are both right — Melinda came in first with 36 percent of the vote.
Rosanna: Thank you, thank you very much....
Kimberly: Yeah, I think people are picking Melinda. But Blake really outdid himself in the finale with that last performance. What did you think of her sassy take on "Have a Nice Day"?
Kimberly: It was amazing.
Rosanna: I liked it! It's the perfect example of how, sometimes, you can't use the genre as an excuse for not doing well. Right. She copped to being outside of her comfort zone, but she just went for it.
Kimberly: And she was awesome! It was like, "Are you serious, you can rock, too?" It's not fair, she can do whatever the hell she wants and be good at it! LaKisha only got two percent of the vote. Why do you think the tide turned against her? She started out on Idol so strong....
Rosanna: I think the self-consciousness started creeping in. Once she didn't do her best a couple of weeks ago, that residual insecurity stuck with her. I could tell in her eyes, when she was performing, that she was thinking really hard, "Aw, man, I hope I don't mess up." Without a doubt she is an amazing singer, but once you start to let that creep in, it's hard to compete.
Kimberly: I think the vote is split between LaKisha and Melinda. Last week, LaKisha was amazing — we got to see the old LaKisha that we love — but Melinda has been so consistent every week. Idol just announced the summer-tour schedule, and you always hear the castoffs say how much they're looking forward to it. Is that always and genuinely the case?
Rosanna: I never see an Idol happy to go home, and I think they want to milk it for all it's worth and get out there and perform. They never know who's watching. Whenever we have them on Idol Tonight and we ask what they have coming up, they don't say, "Well, I'm thinking of my album." Most often they say, "The tour!" And they always say it excitedly.
Kimberly: It's the coolest thing ever. It was one of the best times of my life. Is that because the singers really bond during the compeition and are excited to spend more time together?
Rosanna: I think that, and they want to perform.
Kimberly: You really bond, and you get to travel the United States, for free, and perform in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of people. If you were auditioning for American Idol, that's probably one of your main goals, to tour the country and have the experience. Plus, it doesn't hurt to build up the fan base who might be seeing your CD in stores a few months from now.
Both: Exactly. This week brings guest mentor Barry Gibb, and the theme is "Boogie Week." Who do you think has the best outlook, and who might have some trouble?
Kimberly: Obviously, Mr. Boogie himself, Blake, will be fine once again this week. He's the boogie-er! Meanwhile, Simon said he didn't like the way LaKisha danced, so we may have a case of LaKisha not being able to boogie right.
Rosanna: You know, Blake probably will do really well. I'd love to hear him hit a falsetto, although I know they're not supposed to imitate their mentor.... But yeah, he's going to do really well. I'm not sure about LaKisha, though I am rooting for her. I hope she can turn it around, but I am kind of worried about her.

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