Thomas Jane, <i>Hung</i> Thomas Jane, Hung

On Season 2 of HBO's Hung, Thomas Jane gets tangled in more than just his sheets.

It's not easy being Ray Drecker these days. His new co-managers Tanya (Jane Adams) and Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff) are fighting over who is in charge of Ray's His rekindled relationship with ex-wife Jessica (Anne Heche) is becoming more and more complicated as her marriage to Ronnie (Eddie Jemison) starts to crumble. And his kids are just messed up.

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"I think Ray is still in love with his ex-wife," Jane told TV Guide Magazine at Hung's Hollywood premiere. "What a terrible position to be in. I really empathize with the guy. But that's the truth. He wants his ex-wife back."

Of course, a reunion between Jessica and Ray would mean the end of Ray's new career — something Tanya and Lenore have no intention of letting happen. "She's trying to handle a lot of people to keep what she wants in line," says Creskoff of her character. "I've made very strong efforts [to keep them apart], mostly by befriending Anne Heche's character. We end up becoming friends and it gets even more confusing."

Meanwhile, Ray's son, Damon (Charlie Saxton) is showing signs of infatuation with his sister, Darby (Sianoa Smit-McPhee), a dynamic that comes to a head in Episode 4. "I don't know that he steps over the line, but he's trying to become really good friends with Darby. It's kind of creepy," Smit-McPhee tells us. "She kind of knows it but ignores it. You know, like, 'Damon's standing a little bit too close to me, but that's ok, we're related.'"

Beneath all this craziness is a show that is still grounded in a reality that is all too familiar to Americans across the country. Says Adams: "It's raining oil in Louisiana, and this is the world we're in now, where a lot of people I know aren't working at all. People are just trying to figure out, 'How do we live now? What are the rules now? And what is being a success?' I'm thrilled to be on a show — even if it's a half-hour comedy — that is actually dealing with that."

Hung Season 2 premieres on Sunday, June 27 at 10pm.

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