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Hulk Hogan Awarded Extra $25 Million in Gawker Trial

Ain't no mercy from this brother, brother.

Merrill Barr

Last Friday, a Florida jury awarded Hulk Hogan a whopping $115 million in compensatory damages for the posting of a sex tape featuring the former wrestler in 2012 - a tape he said tarnished his relationship with WWE. However, while Gawker has promised to take the case to an appeals court, it seems that same jury has now awarded a hefty amount of additional punitive damages to the grand total.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, $15 million from Gawker, $10 million from Gawker owner Nick Denton and $100,000 from former Gawker editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio have been added to the overall total sum, which now stands at $140.1 million.

In this case, the additional charges are meant to punish Gawker for the original posting back in 2012, with the hope of discouraging other outlets from ever attempting such an idea in the future. In deciding the amount, the jury was instructed to make it a sum that wouldn't cripple the outlet financially but Gawker's defense team didn't see it that way. Said Gawker attorney Mike Berry, "$115 million is punishment enough... The amount you have rendered in your verdict is already far beyond their means... That amount is debilitating."

Jury awards Hulk Hogan $115 million in Gawker trial.

Meanwhile, although Hogan is celebrating, his ex-wife Linda isn't exactly thrilled. She spoke out about the trial to Inside Edition, saying, "It made me a little bit sick. "My phone started blowing up and people were like 'Hulk won a $115 million!' I was like, 'What?' It is kind of like saying he is being rewarded for bad behavior."

Watch Linda Hogan's full interview with Inside Edition: