Getting your heart broken is no fun, but it may just be what Huge's Amber needed.

Last week, Camp Victory's resident pretty girl — though she doesn't think so herself — was dumped by hunky counselor George (Zander Eckhouse) barely two trysts into their secret relationship. She ended the episode in tears — a good wake-up call, says Hayley Hasselhoff, who plays Amber.

"She came to camp to lose weight and I think now she realizes she got off-track because she focused all her time and energy on this boy that she shouldn't really be with," Hasselhoff tells "Her whole fling with George brings her to a place where she figures out a whole different side to herself. She was secretive and a little insecure about it, but now she knows she needs to be true to herself and not let him dictate her life."

That doesn't mean Amber's over George, but timing and circumstances are everything. He's older — 21 to her 16 — and is an authority figure, while she's just a camper. "There are some things that are still up in the air," Hasselhoff says. "There's obviously mutual attraction there, which is why I think [the storyline happened] so quickly."

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On Monday's episode — the first of a two-part finale — fans will see another long-simmering storyline come to life for Amber: her relationship with her mother. As depicted by several phone conversations, things are "tense and complicated" between the two — exacerbated by the fact the family is poor. Her mother's arrival will only make things more knotty as she sneaks in food for Amber during Parents Weekend."It's just a whole whirlwind of emotions that come out of Amber when her mom comes," Hasselhoff says. "You find out why she has this warped view of herself — why she lacks confidence and feels like she needs to lose weight even though she's the 'thinnest' camper. Those two episodes are pretty heartfelt. It brings her back to the past and makes her realize how much she has changed since she got to camp and what she needs to work on with her relationship with her mother."

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Amber is also working on her relationship with the uber-confident and one-time frenemy Will (

Nikki Blonsky), who confronted her last week about hooking up with George. "I think Amber feels like she can be herself around Will, especially after telling her about George," Hasselhoff says. "She knows that Will is so secure with her body, so she feels like she can say whatever and do whatever and not be judged."The twist, of course, is that Will's crush, Ian (Ari Stidham), likes Amber, unbeknownst to her. Will Amber find out before the season's up? "Let's just say it's an amazing cliff-hanger that involves me and boys," Hasselhoff laughs. "It's always Amber and boys! There's more boy trouble ahead. It involves a lot of different love triangles. The conclusion [to the cliff-hanger] would pick up the day after, which is going to be a lot of fun."Huge executive producer: "You don't need to be fat to relate" to seriesHuge has yet to be renewed for a second season, but Hasselhoff, who'll turn 18 on Saturday, has a "good feeling" a pick-up is imminent. "I feel like if we don't get picked up, it would kind of show that people aren't accepting the reality that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and you should embrace who you are," she says.Plus, should the show come back, her dad, David Hasselhoff, could drop by Camp Victory."Zander and I were watching Huge the other day, and my dad comes in the room and improvised being George's dad," Hasselhoff says. "George is so timid sometimes, so my dad was acting like that. It was really funny. I don't know what will happen, but it's cool to play around. It'd be fun if he came on."Huge airs Mondays at 9/8c on ABC Family.