Vanessa Hudgens by Steve Granitz/ Vanessa Hudgens by Steve Granitz/

This news certainly will make mild-mannered Mickey Mouse's ears perk up. Hours after a nude photo of someone resembling Vanessa Hudgens circulated the Internet, the 18-year-old High School Musical star came forth to admit that it is, in fact, her in the pic. In a statement to TMZ, a rep for Hudgens says, "This was a photo which was taken privately. It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public."

The Enquirer, which broke the story, claims Hudgens snapped some racy pics for HSM beau Zac Efron. Alas, they fell into nefarious hands (as nude pics of up-and-coming starlets tend to do). "Shooting into a mirror with her camera phone, she took photos of herself stripped except for a gold chain around her waist," writes the tabloid. "She also photographed herself in the tub, blowing kisses... and sensuously pulling down her bikini bottom."

It's enough to make Corbin Bleu turn red. As for Disney, the company thus far is offering a firm "No comment" on talk that Hudgen's "nude awakening" has gotten her dropped from HSM3.

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UPDATED: "Embarrassed" Vanessa to HSM Fans: "I Apologize"