Howie picked James and Sarah to put on the block? Yes, they should be out of there, but he should have played it differently. If he'd told James and Sarah he was going to use them as pawns and then put Maggie up when one of them won POV, then he wouldn't have lost James as a future ally. What if America, please forbid Eric does come back? Rachel, Janelle and the Howster will be easily picked off by the "friendship." Which on another note has to be the lamest alliance name on any show ever. The thing that surprised me most about tonight's episode was that April annoyed me ten times more than Ivette. Between the weird discussion of her "tail," her blatant lies about her smoking habit and her potty-mouthed rants against James... I just couldn't take her. If I were HOH, the people on the chopping block would be those who gave me migraines. Gosh I almost wish that America's Choice could be used to vote someone off.... now that would be fun.