Howie Mandel Howie Mandel

After being released from the hospital on Tuesday for an irregular heartbeat, many speculated Howie Mandel's paranoia was to blame. But the Deal or No Deal host is setting the record straight and opening up about how hard life is having germaphobia.

"It was no treat for me, being the germaphobe that I am," Mandel told People. "It was really hard. I wouldn't put on the gown or the customary clothing. I remained clothed and in my boots on the gurney and in the hospital!"

Mandel learned of his irregular heartbeat after an EKG test was administered in a Toronto hospital. Shortly after leaving, the 53-year-old passed out while walking through the lobby of his hotel and was rushed back via ambulance.

"Apparently I passed out because I hadn't eaten, I was dehydrated and I was on medication," said Mandel. "It had nothing to do with my heart. I did not have a heart attack."

Mandel was fine after treatment, but his family couldn't help but worry. While being checked by doctors, Mandel didn't have his cell phone and later found a frantic message from his daughter in tears because she wanted to know if her father was OK. "You realize how important people close to you are and nothing else matters. My family and all of our health is paramount to anything." 

Even Mandel's wife couldn't relax after being assured by her husband there was nothing to stress about. "I said I'm fine but she just wants to sit with me," he said. "So my wife just sits with me and laughs with me and that's what she's doing this week. We've been together 35 years and she's my rock."