Howard Stern and David Letterman Howard Stern and David Letterman

Howard Stern must be thrilled that CBS is looking to re-up Late Show host David Letterman's contract through 2012.

The Sirius Radio shock jock stopped by The Late Show Monday, and during his time in the chair, he praised Letterman while taking shots at Dave's new late-night rival and the prime time-bound Jay Leno.

"We've got to beat this Conan," Stern said. "How are you feeling that Jay left late-night television, and now we've got a new guy to compete with?"

Stern, who gave credit to Letterman for putting the radio host on the map, continued to rail on Leno, even to the point that Letterman became visibly uncomfortable. In particular, Stern called out Leno's lack of emotion during his final Tonight Show.

"I've never seen anybody who behaves like a robot like this guy," Stern said. "Where's the emotion? Where's the humanity? Here's the host we wanna watch!" Stern said, gesturing to Letterman. (Watch the clip below. Warning: Stern does some scary, wacky dancing.)

Letterman, whose current contract is up in 2010, is in final talks to extend his contract through 2012, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Letterman, 62, has been with CBS since 1993, when he left NBC after Leno took over The Tonight Show. Letterman earns roughly $30 million a year in his current contract.

What do you think of Stern's comments? Are you excited to have two more years of Dave?

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