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Howard Stern has never been a Jay Leno fan, and Leno's return to The Tonight Show hasn't changed that. The mention of Leno's name "makes me want to vomit," Stern says.

"I don't like this guy. I don't disguise it," Stern said Tuesday on told CBS' Early Show. "Probably what irritates me the most is people in show business are afraid to say how much they dislike the guy, but I am not."

Jay Leno's new Tonight Show: same as the old Tonight Show

After accusing Leno of pushing Johnny Carson out of The Tonight Show, Stern said, "Jay is also a thief, and that's what gets me... I consider Dave an original, David Letterman. I think he's a pioneer.

"David Letterman once said in an interview — he started putting his mother on the air — and he said, you know, 'I got that from Howard Stern.' I admire that. Jay takes and lifts bits directly from my show, directly from Dave's show...They don't have an original thought on that show."

Watch video of the rest of Stern's critique:

Do you think Stern is serious? Or just auditioning for American Idol?