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A jury on Thursday convicted Anna Nicole Smith's old boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, and her psychiatrist of conspiring to use false names to obtain prescription drugs for the late reality star, according to The Associated Press.

Smith died of an accidental drug overdose in 2007 at age 39.

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The jury had been asked to decide if the defendants helped her obtain prescription drugs to relieve Smith's physical pain, or if they were trying to feed her addiction to the substances.

During the trial, prosecutors claimed Smith had received 1,500 pills in one month. She had multiple prescriptions for painkillers such as Demarol and Vicodin and sedatives like Xanax and Valium.

Smith's lawyer, manager and boyfriend since 2001, Stern was acquitted of several other charges. He claimed he used fake names to try to protect Smith's privacy. "Everything relating to the appropriateness of the medication, I was acquitted of," Stern, 41, told the AP Thursday.

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Kristine Eroshevich, the psychiatrist of the former Playboy Playmate, was convicted of unlawfully prescribing Vicodin by fraud and conspiracy. The third defendant, Dr. Sandeep Kappor, was acquitted of all charges.

Besides being a former Playboy Playmate, Smith is best known for as a model for lines such as Guess jeans and her E! reality series, The Anna Nicole Show.

Stern and Eroshevich are due back in court for a hearing on Jan. 6, at which point the defense can file a motion for a new trial.

If the motion is denied, the judge can sentenced both Stern and Eroshevich. It is unclear how much time, if any, the two will face.