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How to Get Away with Murder: A Complete List of Season 4 Murder Clues

Do they indicate Connor is in danger?

Lindsay MacDonald

The mystery of How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 is mostly about Laurel's (Karla Souza) missing baby, but we're more worried about Connor (Jack Falahee) at this point in the season. We've seen neither hide nor hair of him or Nate (Billy Brown) during the flash-forwards each week, and thanks to Annalise's (Viola Davis) class-action suit, they're both prime targets for foul play. It's called How to Get Away with Murder, after all, not How to Get Away with a Missing Baby.

There have been plenty of clues dropped over the course of this season that indicate someone we know and love was the body on that operating table seen at the end of "Nobody Roots for Goliath," so let's take a look at them and see if we can crack this case together.

We're looking for a "he"
The "he" from Michaela's (Aja Naomi King) emotional "Is he dead?" scene could just be Laurel's baby, but nothing is ever quite that simple on How to Get Away with Murder. There also aren't very many people in the world whose death could get Michaela this worked up (girl is tough as nails, ok?), and unfortunately, Connor is one of them.

There were drugs in Laurel's system
We don't know how or why yet, but one of the first clues we got from the premiere was that Laurel had drugs in her system when she was brought into the hospital. That doesn't exactly point towards natural circumstances that led to her early delivery, as if the missing baby wasn't mysterious enough.

Annalise's elevator is full of blood
Her apartment might have been the scene of a crime, but it's the hotel elevator outside Annalise's room that has a pool of blood on the floor and a distinct, bloody handprint on the wall. It also has to be said that nothing in Annalise's apartment shows signs that forced entry or violence took place in there. The police did, however, find a gun, which we saw Annalise carrying in a later episode. Curiouser and curiouser...

Jack Falahee, How to Get Away with Murder

Jack Falahee, How to Get Away with Murder

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

Michaela has blood on her shirt
You may have noticed a splatter of blood on Michaela's shirt collar when she was staring in shocked silence at the hospital's nursery ward. That blood indicates she was likely present at the scene of the crime, but it's impossible to tell if that crime was against the "he" she's so worried about.

Something went down at Caplan & Gold
Michaela and Oliver's (Conrad Ricamora) new place of employment, the high-end law firm Caplan & Gold, is also at the heart of this year's mystery. Another pool of blood -- and what looks like a gun-inflicted blood splatter on the glass wall -- was found in Teagan's (Amirah Vann) office, and Oliver was being held as a witness for whatever went down there.

Asher (Matt McGorry) is a suspect
The policeman at the Caplan & Gold crime scene told Bonnie (Liza Weil) that "the suspect" was in jail, and then we flashed over to Asher sobbing in a jail cell. This wouldn't be Asher's first kill, but it's pretty hard to imagine him shooting anyone, especially Connor. Is he being framed? Or did he really kill someone? This clue is possibly the most confusing of the bunch.

What about Simon (Behzad Dabu)?
The dark horse in this mystery is Simon. He's been floating in and out of the Keating Five's periphery for over a year now, and he recently became integral to their plan to take down Laurel's father. If they actually manage to pin the stolen Caplan & Gold keycard on him, the chance that the blood that is splattered all over Teagan's office is his increases exponentially.

Annalise is rinsing off
We knew she probably wasn't dead, considering no one in the flash-forwards could find her, but we didn't expect to find her fully-clothed in the shower, semi-comatose and rinsing blood off her. It's impossible to tell whose blood she's drenched in, but it's worth noting that her therapist left an angry voicemail for her, telling her (in a pretty panicked tone) that Laurel was awake.

What do you make of these clues?

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.