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How to Get Away with Murder Finale Recap: Who Killed Lila? What's the New Murder?

Did you see that coming?

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following recap contains major spoilers about How to Get Away with Murder's season finale. Read at your own risk.]

And it was...

How to Get Away with Murderfinally revealed Lila's murderer on Thursday's season finale while setting up a whole new whodunit for Season 2. How did it all go down?

After Laurel (Karla Souza) convinces Wes (Alfred Enoch) not to tell a soul about their Rudy discovery, he does his own little recon work with the old police files and finds little inconsistencies with Rebecca's (Katie Findlay) story. Because he can't be smooth at all, he eventually cracks and tells Connor (Jack Falahee) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King), and the Keating 4 confront Rebecca (Katie Findlay) at her place. "Tell us the damn truth, Rebecca," Michael says. "Did you or did you not kill Lila?"

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Rebecca tells them she has tracked down the campus cop who saw the Keating 4 as they were exiting Annalise's (Viola Davis) house with Sam's body. Annalise and Frank (Charlie Weber) had gotten the cop fired on stalking accusations and he moved to Delaware. "Don't make me call him," Rebecca threatens.

They don't - but they do tie and tape up Rebecca, stash her in the bathroom and call Annalise over. After they all return to Annalise's house, she decides the only thing to do is to go to trial. As they work on the case, Frank won't let poor oblivious Asher (Matt McGorry) in the house, and he thinks it's because Frank knows about him and Bonnie (Liza Weil), which the rest of the students and Rebecca overhear. The Keating 4 brings Rebecca downstairs to avoid Asher, but not before Rebecca texts "Eggs 911 Lawyer's house" from Michaela's phone.

Annalise tries to sweet-talk Rebecca into divulging all by playing the Wes card. "I was worried when I found out you and Wes were involved. ... You're angry, you lash out, you use people," she says. "Here is a boy who has so clearly loved you." But Rebecca is not playing. "I did it. I killed Lila," she says. "Or maybe Sam did it. That'd be easier for you, right? So you can live with yourself for turning on your own husband." Annalise then reads mopey dopey Wes the riot act to "make your girlfriend talk." "Are you a man or not?"

Rebecca tells Wes that she found Lila in the water tank and hid inside when she heard people coming. He believes her, and Annalise (who hilariously chews them out for tying up Rebecca -- "we're not monsters!") says they have to drop the case because no one has come up with a convincing story that Rebecca killed Lila. When she goes to ask Rebecca not to talk to anyone about this, she's gone. Wes is in the basement, but he insists he didn't let her go.

"Sam killed Lila," Annalise later tells Wes, who recoils into fetal position on her lap. "It's what we need to choose to believe." "Sam killed Lila," they chant. But did he really?

Here's what really went down five months earlier.

Lila's Murder Night
On Aug. 29, the day of Lila's death, Rudy overhears a fight in the afternoon between Rebecca and Lila, who tells Rebecca she's getting back together with Griffin. Rebecca is not having it because Darcy, aka Sam (Tom Verica), is better for her or some such. And then they break up - Rebecca and Lila, that is. "I'm done acting like some trashed-out druggie whore," Lila says. "That may be fine for you, but my parents raised me better."

At 6:57 p.m., Lila calls Sam, who's in New Haven. She tells him she tried to have sex with Griffin (so she could pass him off as her baby daddy), but he refused. Sam wants her to wait for him to return, but Lila's losing her mind. "I'm telling Annalise," she says.

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Around 9 p.m., Sam calls Annalise about the Yale job, while Bonnie answers the door. It's Lila requesting to talk to Annalise, who lest we forget, Bonnie shoos away. "Some girl looking for Frank," she tells Annalise afterward.

Later, at a frat house, Rebecca gets a hold of Griffin's phone, texts Lila telling her to come over and then hits the sheets with him. In what is probably the longest foreplay ever, Lila walks in on them to Rebecca's delight. "Still think he's worth it?" Rebecca says. Lila attacks her, but Griffin wrestles her off and she leaves, while Rebecca flashes a mustache-twirl-y smile.

At 12:58 a.m. Sam, who has driven back from New Haven, calls Lila, who's on the roof. She hangs up when Griffin comes up looking for her. She hides out on top of the water tank and he leaves.

Sam arrives on the rooftop at 1:12 a.m. and tells Lila that he doesn't love Annalise anymore. "Lila, I love you," Sam says and leaves to tell Annalise. "I'll call you when it's done." He instead makes a call from a pay phone. "I need you to do what we talked about," he says. "You owe me." And it's... Frank strangling Lila!

At 1:58 a.m., Rebecca tries to apologize to Lila over the phone outside her sorority house. She makes her way inside the house and onto the rooftop, when Lila's phone rings with a call from an unknown number on the ground. Rebecca climbs up the tank and discovers Lila's body.

At 2:46 a.m., Rudy sees Rebecca arrive home wet. She gives him PCP and Purple X, and Rudy has that infamous breakdown.

Present day
After Annalise convinces Wes that Sam killed Lila, she sends him on his merry way and promises that they will find Rebecca. She heads down to the basement and asks Frank, "Was it you?" He says no and asks Annalise the same. She says no too.

"Now what?" he says. Pan to dead Rebecca!

Elsewhere, Laurel had Michaela's ring this whole time as leverage (it was in Connor's car), Oliver tests positive for HIV (after requesting that he and Connor both test for STDs before moving forward), and the new prosecutor on Nate's case is ready to interrogate Asher. Speaking of Nate (Billy Brown), Annalise, who tells the new prosecutor that Frank and Sam fought the night of Sam's death, has Frank use his jail connections to beat him up and thus released on bail so she could convince him to call her secret lawyer.

So Frank, huh? He has proven time and time again he's will do whatever Annalise (and apparently Sam) asks of him, and he is the enforcer of the whole group. What did he owe Sam though? And who killed Rebecca? My money's on Laurel. It's always the quiet ones, remember? And she basically asked Frank to kill Rebecca anyway. Plus, that just makes her and Frank more MFEO.

"The ending is not what I had in mind from the beginning, but with the way the season shook out, I think it makes a lot of sense if you go back and look at things along the way," creator Pete Nowalk told "I think even if you see one thing coming in the finale, my hope is that you wouldn't see the other ones."

What did you think of the finale? And who did Rebecca text?
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