Annalise went home to her mama on How to Get Away with Murder, but will Wes track down his dad?

"That's Wes' dilemma for the finale," creator Peter Nowalk tells "Does he do anything?"

Considering he went to Ohio to get the deets on the Mahoney case that led to his mother's suicide, it stands to reason that Wes (Alfred Enoch) would make the far shorter trip to New York City now that Annalise (Viola Davis) has told him that Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin) is his father. If he does go, Annalise won't be able to stop him, since she returned home to her mother (Cicely Tyson) after Laurel (Karla Souza), still wrongly believing that Annalise was behind Lila's death, drunkenly revealed that she knows Frank (Charlie Weber) killed the cheerleader on Annalise's orders.

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All that happened — and we still don't know where Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) and Philip (Jefferson White) are. Nowalk tells us what to expect from Thursday's season finale, why Frank is in the "hugest pickle" and why Davis deserves an Oscar (yes, Oscar) for her towering performance last week as Annalise delivered her stillborn son in the flashbacks.

Important things first: Viola won another Emmy with this last episode.
Peter Nowalk:
In my dreams! She should win an Oscar for that. I continually am in awe of her. She and I had talked about [this story line]. At the beginning of the season, I knew we wanted to do that and that made me so excited because I could only imagine how good of a job she would do with a story line like this. She knocked it out of the park.

The other big moment was her telling Wes that Wallace is his father. What's he going to do now? Is he going to take a road trip to New York?
Well, it's not that far. It's only like an hour train ride or something. That was very purposeful. That's Wes' dilemma for the finale. Does he do anything? And of course now we know Annalise has run away from Philadelphia to her mom's house in Tennessee, which gives him a lot of rope to hang himself. [Laughs] But that's what he's debating. Does he do something or does he not? He's going to ask one of the characters for advice. He'll make a decision by the time the episode ends.

Where is his head at? He could go there and kill him, but he could just go there and scope him out.
[Laughs] I love that you think he's a little sociopath!

I've always felt that.
I'll say I think Wes is a lot more grown up now. He's no longer the puppy. I think he's skeptical of all of it — the story that she's told him — and I think Wes is smart enough not to believe everything that comes out of Annalise's mouth. That's really where his dilemma comes from. Who does he go to now to try to find out the truth? I think it's very surprising what happens.

Did Wallace arrange for that truck to slam into Annalise or was that a total, coincidental accident?
That's a great question. There's still a lot of answers we have to tell in the finale, like what happened after that hospital scene with Sam [Tom Verica] and Annalise. We also have to find out what Frank owes Sam and yeah, we have to find out was that car accident an accident? All of those questions are really good and will be answered.

Frank is in a really big pickle. He let Laurel believe that Annalise ordered him to kill Lila and she mentioned it to Annalise. And Bonnie (Liza Weil) figured out the actual truth that Sam had ordered him. Where do we find him?
He's going to find out Annalise has gone running. I think this is probably Frank's worst fear come to life. He was hoping the secret would just lie there. You're exactly right. This is the hugest pickle he's been in in his life. He has a lot of decisions to make or not make. ... I don't think he's rash. I think he's learned from Annalise to play the game of chess, so I think he's going to weigh all the consequences. He'll do something. It wouldn't be a good TV show if he didn't do anything.

Does the "white-trash future" Sam saved him from have anything to do with the lady he slept with from the bar?
[Laughs] Another good question. It could've just been him having sex! Or it could've been another secret, but you're very observant.

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What about that other hookup, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Asher (Matt McGorry)? Is this going to turn into something more?
I think in their minds it was just a hookup. They're going to have to talk to each other about it in the next episode. ... It was something that came about completely from alcohol — don't drink too much, for the kids — and also the stress of the situation. It wouldn't have happened any other way. But once those things happen, can you be normal again? I think they're hysterical together. They have one of my favorite scenes of these six episodes [in the finale].

I'm assuming we'll see Caleb and Philip again.
Yes. We obviously have a big question mark about the whole case, which we solve. We answer all the questions that are answerable. You'll see Philip, you'll see Caleb and you'll see Catherine [Amy Okuda]. [The Hapstall case] was always intended to be our case of the season.

What's Annalise going to be doing at home? The episode title is "Anna Mae," so are we going to learn more about her childhood and family?
Yeah. She's at her childhood home. A lot of things happen in the finale, but I wanted to do something that felt energetically different. I obviously wanted to [bring back] Cicely Tyson again. Luckily for us, this was when she was available. ... It just felt really refreshing and important that we found out where she came from. There's more than just her mother in Tennessee. There's her whole family. What's her relationship with them? She hasn't been home in 20 years. What's that going to be like? I also love the idea that finding out Frank killed Lila just explodes Annalise's whole world. Again, another man who's betrayed her. ... She has to return to her original security blanket.

It is tragic. Sam and Annalise lost the child they desperately wanted, and she finds out he put a hit out on his mistress who was pregnant with his child.
Definitely. What I liked about the structure of the show is now we find out why it was such a blow to Annalise when she found out Lila was pregnant. Now we see the history between her and Sam.

The promo teases that two people die. Is that accurate?
I hadn't seen the promo until it aired. I was like, "Is that accurate?" Luckily we already know we're coming back for a third season, so I don't want to say one way or another.

There's also that trail of blood from the bathtub.
That is, I guess, one of the dead bodies they're promoting. That is a crime scene.

Congratulations on the renewal! Is there going to be something that sets up Season 3 like last year with Rebecca's death?
Thank you! Yes. It's sort of like we answer so many questions in this last episode that I wanted the finale to be kind of a coda on our season where we really dive into the emotional fallout of everything we've seen. The last few scenes definitely set up a story for next year, but I don't think it's in a way that I expected when we wrote it.

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