That's all Rudy could utter on last week's How to Get Away with Murder, when Wes (Alfred Enoch), who tracked down the former inhabitant of his apartment to a mental institution, showed him a photo of Rebecca (Katie Findlay).

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What does "wet" mean? The logical, easy conclusion to jump to is wet = the water tower in which Lila's body was found. Does that mean Rudy and/or Rebecca, who's doing her own shady business tracking Wes' phone, have something to do with her death? Not necessarily, according to showrunner Pete Nowalk.

Here are six juicy things to know about Thursday's two-hour finale, which will finally reveal who killed Lila and perhaps set up an even more intriguing Season 2.

1. Griffin will be back! Remember him? Lila's football star beau who was also suspected of Lila's murder will appear in the finale as the truth about that night unfolds. "Rudy plays a big part in the finale as a piece of the puzzle of what happened that night," Nowalk says."

2. Is Rebecca too obvious to have killed Lila? "I guess it depends on the way you look at it," Nowalk says with a laugh. "That is now the question of the finale: Who killed Lila? The police weren't able to really figure it out. The prosecutor couldn't. Is Wes going to?"

But even if Rebecca didn't actually kill Lila herself, she could have been the mastermind behind all of this — setting up, say, Rudy to kill Lila and then Wes to kill Sam. Is she the one trying to get away with murder? "Nothing makes me happier than people coming up with theories because that makes me feel like you're engaged," Nowalk says. "I'm just excited that anyone cares so much to think so hard about it. I love all the theories. If you have them, that means we've talked about them in the writers' room as well. We've spent months and months talking about this. But every theory is valid and we probably have even written a version of it. And you'll know Thursday what version we picked!"

3. To tell or not to tell? That is the question Wes and Laurel (Karla Souza) are faced with after their major Rudy discovery and will be dealt with in the opening minutes of the finale. "It's very risky to tell Annalise [Viola Davis]. It's even more risky to tell Michaela [Aja Naomi King] and Connor [Jack Falahee]," Nowalk says. "So they have that and you see what they decide to do very early on. They debate whether to tell Rebecca too."

Check out the sneak peek below to see what they decide to do:

4. On our own? As everyone does their own digging, there very well could come a point where it's "every man for himself," as in Annalise saying, "buh-bye, suckas." "That's always a possibility, whether she decides to ditch them or not," Nowalk says. "Because as much as she wants to protect [the students], she wants to protect herself too. We'll see her make that decision in the finale." The final two hours will also shed more light on Wes and Annalise's weird, chest-rubbing relationship. "Wes feels ashamed having started this mess sort of. Annalise is definitely part of that," he says. "What their relationship is and how it escalates will be very intense in the finale."

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5. Annalise's master plan? It's safe to say that Annalise is not gonna let Nate (Billy Brown) take the fall for Sam's murder despite her framing him for it. (Slipping him that number for a new lawyer last week was Clue No. 1.) Framing him was coldblooded, but perhaps it was all just part of a bigger scheme she already has mapped out. "She always has a plan. She thinks five steps ahead. But her plan doesn't always go the way she wants it to. I believe that's the only way she felt she could pin that murder on Nate — that she felt there was a way to get him out and for him not to go away to jail for that," Nowalk says. "He's also a cop and he's really smart. He knows that he needs to appear calm, whether he's freaking out inside or not. We'll see Nate in the finale... and you'll really understand how he's feeling."

6. The last minute: You can't say ABC ever undersells Murder. (Lest you forget, "Viola Davis' final nine words.") This time, we can't miss the "final awesome minute." "First, let me say that they do a really good job with [the promos]. It makes you wanna watch!" Nowalk says. "But promos cut [scenes] together. You can investigate the promo for clues, but I'll be surprised if anyone can figure out what's gonna happen in the finale just based on the promo."

As for the finale itself, Nowalk says it has changed from his initial pitch and idea, including the identity of the killer several times. In fact, he kept tweaking the script up until the last minute (no pun intended). "We kept changing the last scene of the finale, so I think it definitely changed from when I first pitched the show in the best way. I think it's better," he says. "It was very hard to write. In fact, I wrote several versions and the writers and I went back and forth with other things that could happen, even to the point that the script the actors got at the table read was different from the one the night before. Most importantly, I'm very happy with the ending. I think it's exciting and I hope people like it. ... I think there are definitely some questions. I wouldn't say just one. There are many questions that arise in the finale that we will have to answer in Season 2."

Who do you think killed Lila?

How to Get Away with Murder's two-hour finale airs Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.