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Contrary to reports that How I Met Your Dad was still in the works, it seems the How I Met Your Mother spin-off dead after all.

HIMYM boss Carter Bays has rebuffed a TVLine report that said the pilot, which CBS passed on in May, was being redeveloped for the 2015-16 season with a new cast because Bays and co-creatorCraig Thomas were heavily invested in continuing the franchise. "I don't know why I keep reading articles about this, but since nobody bothers asking us: We are really, truly not working on HIMYDanymore," Bays tweeted Friday morning. "HIMYD was fun to work on, terrific cast, terrific writer, but it's over now and we have other stuff we want to do."

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"Maybe in the future it could be something, but I think we need to try something new before we go back to it," Bays continued. "To everyone who wanted to see it, I'm sorry. (And to everyone who didn't, you're welcome!)"

Are you sad HIMYD isn't happening?

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