Nicollette Sheridan by Danny Feld/ABC Nicollette Sheridan by Danny Feld/ABC

Is Edie eligible for voice-over duty, having hanged herself in Desperate Housewives' Season 3 finale? Or is she as lousy at looping nooses as she is at landing men? Andrea Bowen, who plays DH's Julie (and stars in the June 25 Lifetime movie Girl, Positive), says the shocker came as much as a surprise to cast members as it did to viewers. "That wasn't in the original script, it was an added thing," the teen tells "In fact, I said to Jamie [Denton, Mike], 'I'm hearing all this stuff about the last few minutes of the show, and that it has to do with Nicollette [Sheridan]. Do you know anything about it?' He was like, 'No, I don't know at all.' So I have no idea what's happening with that story line, but I think it was a great way to leave it."

Has Sheridan been told if Edie will live to see another day on Wisteria Lane? "I don't know if she knows," says Bowen. "But I definitely don't know!"

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