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Tina Fey has become BFFs with Bravo head Andy Cohen, the man we have to thank (or blame) for the Real Housewives franchise. He recently spoofed his Housewives reunion shows on NBC's Women of SNL special, while she guested on his Watch What Happens chat show. Is a 30 Rock appearance next? Sounds like it's possible thanks to a crazy new 2011 plot.

"Tracy Jordan's (Tracy Morgan) wife, Angie (The View's Sherri Shepherd), will be getting her own Real Housewives-type reality show," reveals the NBC sitcom's executive producer Robert Carlock. "Having the cameras around forces Tracy to act on better behavior."

As for eternally camera-ready Andy guest-starring, Carlock jokes, "Gee, you think he'd do it? Tina certainly enjoys him and we have joked about having him on. Maybe we will." We'll have to watch what happens...  

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