Robert Sean Leonard by Joseph Viles/Fox Robert Sean Leonard by Joseph Viles/Fox

In last season's stunning House finale, a grieving Wilson ( Robert Sean Leonard) was in no mood to forgive his self-centered pal House ( Hugh Laurie), who'd been tangentially involved in the death of Wilson's girlfriend, Amber ( Anne Dudek). To gear up for the premiere (Sept. 16 at 8 pm/ET, Fox), we asked Leonard about the future of their friendship.

TV Guide: Give us some scoop on the relationship between House and Wilson when the show returns.
Robert Sean Leonard:
Well, I'm allowed to say that I got to go home for a while. House's selfishness indirectly caused a major tragedy in Wilson's life. Even if he doesn't blame House, it's still heartbreaking. Wilson just wants to move on.

TV Guide: How will the relationship change when Wilson returns? He took a lot of abuse from House.
And he will continue to do so. House is the Phantom of the Opera: a mysterious, brilliant, antisocial, jazz-loving, bourbon-sipping, can't-hold-a-woman lead guy. And Wilson is his friend. That's the way it goes. But we won't just brush off [the issues] that arose on last season's show. They're not easy to deal with.

TV Guide: What else will happen?
The three new members of House's team are back. And a writer told me he was working on a scene for Cameron [Jennifer Morrison], Chase [Jesse Spencer] and Foreman [Omar Epps]. It was like the old days. I love all the new guys, but I also love when Jen and Jesse are around.

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