Last Thursday, Big Brother 5's female houseguests banded together to oust Scott "Savage" Long. This definitely hurt his testosterone-driven allies, the so-called Four Horsemen, and their plans to trample the competition. Down one man thanks to those fickle fillies, the three remaining Horsemen — Jase, Drew and Michael (aka Cowboy) — are ripe to be thrown. Here, the devious 25-year-old Pittsburgh native wishes his old comrades luck, defends his original deception and reveals why Adria and Natalie's twin scheme upset him so much.

TV Guide Online: Why'd the twin twist freak you out so badly?
Scott Long:
I'm taking it harder than I thought I would. I was upset because I felt I had a big part in saving Adria. Just the whole fact that it was [a lie was] the ultimate betrayal. I fell into that. I used my heart in the game, and as you can see, I got a little more open and a little more truthful to people as the game went on. I said to the a producer after the show, "You know what? If it wasn't for me, in a way, you wouldn't have your big twist right now." He was like, "You are right." I provided a lot of the ratings.

TVGO: You and Jase were entertaining.
God, I can only imagine what you guys have seen.

TVGO: Well, I've heard that those who have the live feed have seen, ahem, a lot of you.
[Laughs] We'll keep that on the down low. It's crazy stuff.

TVGO: Speaking of crazy, what's with the weird costumes you and Jase wore to the veto ceremony?
I was Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber and Jase was from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. I can't wait to see that. My dad, when he saw that, said he about cr---ed his pants. It was funny, though.

TVGO: Are you upset with the girls for voting you out?
I am upset, but it's a game. When I left that house, I promised I would keep it in the house, but it affects you. You start questioning your own character and your own judgment. But I'm the one walking out of there with the heart and with the loyalty to the group. They are the ones that are lying and deceiving. I think that I'd rather be a better man than a richer man.

TVGO: According to your initial fabrication, you are already a rich man and didn't need the prize money!
Yeah. That's where I really started learning that lying wasn't exactly right. I confessed to the Four Horsemen that I was lying.

TVGO: Who came up with that name?
I had the first alliance name, the Knights of the Round Table. Then Jase said, "I think the Four Horsemen sounds better." I guess [my idea] was a movie and we couldn't really use that. The Four Horsemen sounds good because Cowboy was a horseman. It fit us a little better.

TVGO: Any suggestions for a new name, since they are one man down?
The Three Stooges has already been taken. But I'd just have to say the Three Amigos because they are just going to be drunken idiots on tequila. They are not going to know what to do. I'm rooting for them, and I hope they can pull through, but my last image of Cowboy, Jase and Drew walking out that door was three guys with tears running down their eyes at the same time. I was like a fallen soldier to them. I walked out that door and my heart sunk. I felt like I let them down.

TVGO: What exactly was your relationship with Cowboy? He followed you around like a little puppy dog.
He was a good guy. He said to me, "A guy like you, outside in the real world, would never give a guy like me a chance to be a friend." I'm that guy. It ticks me off because people don't really see that; they don't look that far into the show. I'm friendly and I'll give anybody the time of day because we are all equal. I admire personalities, and Cowboy is one of the most amazing personalities that I have ever seen on a reality show. He is real and raw, and I think that he knew that I saw that in him and he appreciated that.

TVGO: Your mom seems shocked by some of your behavior. Have you talked to her?
The reason that she's so shocked is because that's not me. That was me on TV and that was me playing the game — that is not me. I'm a courteous, respectful guy, and very well mannered. I treat people right, the way they should be treated. I think that's why she was so surprised.

TVGO: Then where did the "Savage" nickname come from? That doesn't seem to match the personality you just described.
I'm a respectful, very nice guy, but I have a wild side to me, wilder than most people have ever seen. I'm kind of an extremist. I do the most insane stuff in the world. I'm honestly hurt on a weekly basis. I do some stupid stuff, so the nickname came from that.