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House never leaves the fans hanging... much.

While House (Hugh Laurie) was in the booby hatch relocating his sanity, the rest of the residents of Princeton-Plainsboro have yet to be seen. House left them in quite a pickle, so the first few episodes of the season will be about picking up the pieces of both the diagnostics department and their lives. The executive producers and stars of House impart some wisdom on where our favorite cranky doc and his "friends" are heading this season, which includes a big hospital shakeup, a new roommate and a road trip.

New beginnings: According to executive producer David Shore, the second episode picks up right where the premiere left off. "House is wondering whether he can go back to work, whether he should go back to work and how he can implement what he's learned in that institution," he tells "[He's] not coming back [to the hospital], at least not initially. He does not have his license anymore. He could get it back. He will get his license back eventually."

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How the team deals with House:
"It's very weird for everyone that he has suddenly become the patient, that he's in this vulnerable position," Olivia Wilde tells us. "It's a great way to reveal a little bit about each of these characters in a way you haven't seen before. Seeing them in power positions or vulnerable positions you haven't seen them previously occupy, or competing in a way they never have before."

Not time for Cuddy... yet: "House is not going to throw himself into another relationship immediately after this," says Shore. "I think he knows he has to step back, and we spend the first several episodes of the season dealing with House trying to implement what he's learned, [and] trying to be a better person, with varying degrees of success. As we get further on, it's about trying to open himself up to relationships, perhaps with Cuddy."

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House's mental romp:
Lydia (Franka Potente) is not returning anytime soon, though executive producer Katie Jacobs tells exclusively that they have an option on her for two more episodes. How will the steamy sex in the premiere affect House and Cuddy's relationship? "I don't want to be the one to tell her, but you'll have to see," jokes Hugh Laurie. "Cuddy has some surprises of her own to reveal. We both have secrets, I don't mean secrets from each other, but we have inner lives that we must get on with, but I think those two characters will always remain close."

New roomies: When House leaves the mental institute, he's moving in with Wilson. What's that relationship look like? "Felix and Oscar or Winnie the Pooh and Tigger," says Jacobs. "Obviously it's some sort of weird, co-dependent, enjoyable, frustrating, surprising relationship."

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Hospital shake-up:
The original fellowship team returns to the diagnostics department after Cuddy begrudgingly appoints Foreman the new head. "The diagnostics department only exists because of House," says Wilde. "When trying to keep it open without House, that means pulling out all the stops and bringing in all the experts, and of course, that's going to create a bigger challenge for the rest of the characters. There are only three spots and there are only three fellows."

Road trip: Lake Arrowhead sets the scene for House's November sweeps episode. "We go to a resort [for a] conference," says Robert Sean Leonard. "Wilson goes up there with a very clear idea of what he wants to say. He's giving a lecture and he wants to talk about something that House thinks will end his career. It's actually more serious."

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