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House of Cards: Claire Underwood Wants You to Narc on Your Fellow Citizens

It's the American way.

Kat Rosenfield

A timely, creepy new teaser video for House of Cards dropped today, featuring a direct message from the show's first lady/vice presidential nominee -- and a taste of the terror to come if and when the Underwoods remain in the White House.

Claire Underwood broke the fourth wall for the first time at the conclusion of "Chapter 52," the last episode of the Netflix drama's fourth season. Apparently she enjoyed the experience of staring straight into the eyes of the American people so much that she's going to make a habit of it now, starting with this promo which appeared on the show's Twitter account.

The video address was preceded by an official-looking title card, asking viewers to stand by for a message from the Underwood Administration. Shortly thereafter, Claire (Robin Wright) appeared in an extreme closeup, sporting her signature blonde pixie cut, and accompanied by an ominous caption: "I've been meaning to talk with you."

After a season finale that saw the Underwoods watching while terrorists murdered an American citizen live on camera, encouraging the American people to surveil, mistrust, and fear each other appears to be their new campaign strategy.

"If anything in your environment strikes you as a bit odd, pick up the phone -- whether it's a package, or a person, that seems out of place," Claire says.

House of Cards returns for its fifth season on Netflix on May 30.