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If there's one thing House of Lies viewers have learned about Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) and his "pod" at Galweather & Stearn, it's that they'll go to any lengths necessary to get the job done. So now that the company's merger with MetroCapital has gotten the green light, expect the quartet to go to even greater extremes to save themselves.

"Their backs are truly against a wall," Ben Schwartz told reporters earlier this week. "They're scrambling to get air and not die, and killing anybody they can to get air."

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However, Marty's problems aren't limited to the boardroom. In Sunday's season finale (10/9c on Showtime), he is also headed for a heated courtroom battle with his ex-wife and work rival Monica (Dawn Olivieri) over their son Roscoe. "The merger, while very important, is not as important as the things that happen between the characters," series boss Matthew Carnahan said. "What happens... leaves everything... in a terrible state of disarray."

Carnahan, along with stars Schwartz and Josh Lawson offered six other teases for the season finale, Season 2 and beyond:

1. Jeannie (Kristen Bell) may be the pod's saving grace: Although every team member is protecting his or her own skin, Carnahan said Jeannie "takes a bullet for all of them."

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2. That doesn't mean the team is sticking together: Carnahan said it's not impossible for the team to be split up. "They may be completely blown apart from one another for an entire season or one of them may be stolen away. Those things all can happen within the context of this group," he said.

3. Marty could really lose custody: After his surprise split with April — not to mention forgetting to pick Roscoe up at school — Marty is on thin ice with his son, which may not bode well for his day in court against Monica. The result of the custody battle "will change the entire essence of what the second season is and what home base is for [Marty]," Schwartz said.  "If he goes home and there's nobody there, [he's] a totally different human being. What does he do with his free time then?" Added Carnahan: "In the second season, how important Roscoe is really will begin to trickle in even more."

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4. But Roscoe's impact will still be felt: Everyone knows that Marty is emotionally stunted since his mom's suicide. But Roscoe's growing up may force Marty to mend his immature ways. "As his own son begins to pass him up in emotional maturity, that's not going to go well unless he changes," Carnahan said. Lawson is excited to see just how Marty evolves. "What I'm looking forward to in Season 2 is how he reinvents himself. How he puts the new armor on," he said. "I think he's going to be even a bigger mother f----- because he'll protect himself. He'll put up thicker walls."

5. Monica might also be changing: She's got a new man and a new resolve to spend time with Roscoe. Could Monica really be turning over a new leaf? "What I'm interested in is her undergoing a radical transformation and what that might do. How that might upset her and Marty's relationship," Carnahan said, warning that this isn't just another one of Monica's manipulative moves. "For it to be interesting, it has to be some sort of metamorphosis that is authentic."

6. Fans will learn more about Clyde (Schwartz) and Doug (Lawson) ... eventually: The comedy went home with Marty and, to a lesser extent, with Jeannie, but the other two pod members remain a mystery, for now. "I'm really glad we didn't in the first season. If a show is to have longevity as well, you do want to keep some aces up your sleeve," Lawson said. "You want surprises in future seasons." Schwartz agreed: To show "what their lives are like at home, I think that would be huge and I think to save that for next season is so fun."

Watch a sneak peek from the season finale:

House of Lies airs Sundays at 10/9c on Showtime.