Kal Penn Kal Penn

Paging Dr. Kutner.

Kal Penn, who played the late doc on House for two seasons, is in talks to return for the series finale, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Olivia Wilde checks back into House for series finale

Penn, 34, is one of several former cast members in talks to reprise their roles for the May 21 series finale. However, it is unclear exactly how Penn's character would come back since he committed suicide in Season 5.

Would he visit House in a dream (or nightmare)? Would he appear via flashback? Or maybe as a hallucination, like his last appearance? Our favorite theory? An extreme case of cellular memory, where Kutner donated one of his organ post-death and the person who received it starts exhibiting Kutner-like traits. (Hey, this is a show where the main character drove his car through his beloved's house!)

House pulls the plug after eight seasons

As previously reported, Olivia Wilde will return as Thirteen for the final episode, but longtime cast member Lisa Edelstein will not be reporting for duty one last time. Since leaving House, Penn worked at the White House as an associate director in the Office of Public Engagement and recently recurred on How I Met Your Mother. He will next star in the ABC pilot Prairie Dogs.

Do you want Kutner to come back? Which other former cast members do you want to return?