The good thing about a House repeat is getting a second chance to savor the one-liners. The show is full of them, and Hugh Laurie

's delivery is dead-on. Though you wouldn't be able to tell that from his surly staff. If House were a documentary rather than a drama, there's no way I'd believe that doctors Chase, Foreman and Cameron wouldn't at least smirk occasionally at some of the stuff that comes out of House's mouth. Instead they all give him that disapproving I-need-a-laxative look. Even his dry-erase marker is a source of amusement. When House isn't admonishing Cameron about touching his pen, he's writing something snarky with it on his board, like "dead man dying" regarding his death-row-inmate patient. There's a certain macabre humor that I could see Chase appreciating if no one else, yet everybody's so grumpy on this show that you forget that House is the curmudgeon. House aside, tonight's repeat of the season opener treated us once again to LL Cool J's guest appearance. That MRI scene is just as disturbing the second time around, but I have since learned that ink extraction via MRI is largely a myth, so I'm feeling a little better about the whole thing. I was also reminded of Cuddy's male secretary, who mysteriously went missing after this episode. Odds are his disappearance from the canvas will not lead to some gimmicky Murphy Brown-esque secretarial rotation subplot for Cuddy, but all the same, I'd like to know where he went. Maybe Dr. House can figure that out for us and in the meantime tickle my ribs again with another quip about Rutgers' secretarial school.