House What do you do when you don't want any more children than the one you already have, but your new husband wants to have a child of his own? You undergo fertility treatments while secretly taking birth-control pills until hubby finally gives up hope, of course. The downside: flailing limbs, a stroke and a liver tumor. That sums up the medical portion of tonight's

House, except to note that the little girl (

Elle Fanning) is the spitting image of her older sister Dakota.

The real meat and potatoes of tonight's episode was the end of the Stacy-House affair. It was definitely an affair to remember, complete with a full-fledged, if brief, sex scene, several moments of ardent, soulful stares and a final self-sacrificing moment in which House walks away from the love of his life. I'm disappointed that Wilson did not recognize the maturity behind House's actions and instead chose to berate and belittle his "miserable" friend. Actually, Wilson was very annoying this week, lecturing House for potentially breaking up Stacy's marriage and then for not following through on that course.

With all this drama, a few clinic scenes would have been most welcome. Instead, we were left to grab some humor from a few precious moments: House tricking Cameron into taking her HIV test through a jaw-droppingly insincere declaration of love followed by a quick cheek swab. Cuddy's confusing impression of Stacy, complete with a Southern accent that even the Mississippi-born Sela Ward doesn't brandish. The ugly neckties that every man but House wore this week were also good for a laugh. By episode's end, the patient was healed, physically if not emotionally, Cameron was not HIV positive, Foreman's reign of terror was over, and so were Stacy and House.