A one-hour results show... woo-hoo! Messages from the Idols' families... woo-hoo! Will Makar is in the audience... who?

If anyone out there played a drinking game in which they took a sip every time Seacrest made a tacky pun out of a Queen lyric, my condolences to what is left of your liver. The song medley completely revealed how much both Ace and the now-departed Bucky do not belong there. And now I see why Taylor didn't attempt "We Are the Champions" good call switching to a different tune, Gray Charles.

The fake, golf-themed commercial highlighted how much studio technology it will take to help all these singers. What was up with the stupid double box and the drawn-out montage of departed contestants? I really did not need to see Brenna or the Brittenum twins again. I mean really, was that why the show had to drag on for an hour? The family videos were actually very touching. C'mon Elliott's mom? Kellie's grandfather and little brother? Cute, but was the "snot rag" comment really necessary? And even though he didn't sing a song by the band, Ryan did his best version of Queen when he prissily tossed said snot rag at Elliott.

Poor Elliott, he should not have been in the bottom three, but he really pulled out all the stops on what could have been his swan song. Ace and Bucky were both even worse tonight than on Tuesday, and they had me hoping for an Apprentice-style double boot. But alas, Ace lives on. Despite the sour notes, Bucky smiled his way through his "Had a Bad Day" video and as usual, came across as one of the most genuine, nice guys in the competition. Now he just has to take those marbles out of his mouth.