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The Hottest New TV Doctors of 2016

Diagnosis: Smokin'!

Liz Raftery

There's no denying that 2016 has been a pretty rough year for a lot of people, from unexpected celebrity deaths (RIP David Bowie, Prince and so many others) to a presidential election that can be described as tumultuous at best. But the year wasn't all bad -- as proven by, if nothing else, the hot fictional doctors we met this year.

That's right, many of the new TV characters that were introduced this year are exceptionally good-looking MDs. From the lady-loving newbie Dr. Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) on Grey's Anatomy to Rob Lowe's newest prime time character, Code Black's Dr. Ethan Willis, the television landscape made a trip to the hospital look downright appealing this year.

It remains to be see whether any of these folks will live on in "hot medical professional" history, a la George Clooney's Doug Ross on ERor Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy (Pure Genius, for instance, is basically DOA) but for now, they're providing some nice eye candy for viewers.

Check out the video to see who made the cut for our favorite new hot TV doctors, and check out the hottest TV docs of all time here.