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Which Complicated Hot TV Doctor Is Your Soulmate?

Take your time, this is a hard one

Malcolm Venable

Thirst for hot doctors is at an all-time high thanks to the arrival of Max Goodwin on New Amsterdam. NBC's newest life-saving medical genius, played by Ryan Eggold, has everything your Nana would have wanted in a dream partner: rugged good looks, a take-charge demeanor, and of course, those precious two letters and period in front of his name that proudly proclaim her grandbaby snagged a doctor. "I don't need this crap," your grandma might think or say out loud as she struts past haters at bingo,"my grandbaby married a doctor!" You tell em, Nana!

TV aficionados know hot doctors are truly the ultimate because there are 500 of them on TV, so they must be the ideal. Aren't they so captivating when running through the halls or shouting at people to do something "Now!" or "Stat!" with authority? Don't they cause such ache when they confess all their love to a coworker but admit they'll only ever be married to medicine? Though hot doctors are a species unto themselves, their fundamental makeups are the same. A prime #Doctorbae must by definition hate bureaucracy and come completely undone when encountering red tape. Complicated personal lives -- whether a messy romantic situation (looking at you, Jackson [Jesse Williams] on Grey's Anatomy) -- or heaven forbid, a tragic backstory like Goodwin's medical problem, only make us love them more.

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In honor of Max Goodwin's arrival and the subsequent turmoil he's caused in the once firmly established hierarchy of hot TV doctors, we thought it only right to take a step back and consider this very important question with the seriousness it deserves. Which complicated hot doctor really is right for me? Here's a quiz to help.

New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.