Mad Men Mad Men

Mad Men
10 pm/ET AMC
Season 4 opens with an Advertising Age reporter trying to find out just "Who is Don Draper?" Unfortunately for the scribe and the "scrappy upstart" firm of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, who hope that this promotional story would generate a rash of business, the secretive Mr. Draper spills no beans. Still, there is plenty going on in this involving episode as Pete and Peggy hire actors to stage a food fight over a meat company's product; and Don admonishes a prudish swimsuit manufacturer that his company can be "comfortable and dead, or risky and possibly rich." And on the ex-homefront, Don issues Betty an unsettling ultimatum. — Ray Stackhouse

True Blood
9 pm/ET HBO
Sookie may not understand the nature of the powerful flash of light that emanates from her hand, but Russell, like Maryann the maenad, clearly thinks it's something special. But will it be enough to save Bill? Meanwhile, we finally found out why Eric has such a profound hatred of rogue werewolves — watching one's family mauled by such creatures will do that. But if Russell was behind it, will the Viking prince be able to hold his tongue tonight when the vampire king of Mississippi visits Louisiana? — Joe Friedrich

My Boys
10 pm/ET TBS
The sports-centric, Chicago-based sitcom about a spirited tomboy and her clique of male friends swings away with a doubleheader of episodes to start its fourth season. A mighty changeup is thrown in the opener: PJ's brother, Andy, has moved away to China on business, leaving the group one player short in their poker circle. It's in the cards that PJ and her boys will audition various friends to take Andy's open slot. In the second episode, the gang heads to one of Chicago's most sophisticated restaurants — sans an uninvited and miffed Mike, who in response partakes in his own grown-up evening with Brendan at an upscale bar. — Dean Maurer

10:30 pm/ET HBO
Drama's career has had more downs than ups, but it appears that a foray into the uncharted territory of a sitcom deal could be just the thing to cure his unemployment blues. Of course, they don't call him "Drama" for nothing, so it's no surprise he goes into panic mode after making a bad first impression with potential costar John Stamos. Speaking of impressions, they don't get much worse when Turtle accompanies Alex to Mexico, and the men who meet them at the airport are all carrying guns. — Joe Friedrich

Army Wives
10 pm/ET Lifetime
Professor Grant Chandler (Harry Hamlin) continues to put Claudia Joy in awkward positions regarding her pursuit of a law degree and her relationship with the Army. As head of the FRG, she investigates the arrest of a female soldier on the base and discovers that the soldier had missed her deployment while AWOL. Unfortunately, Prof. Chandler is taking the case on the chance he can put the Army on trial. — Rhoda Charles

Tour de France
8 am/ET VS
The tour concludes with the shortest, flattest stage in 20 years, a 102.5km leg from Longjumeau to the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Luxembourg's Andy Schleck and Spain's Alberto Contador have been two of the top racers throughout the three-week journey, as well as creating headlines off their bikes. Will Schleck's blown chain in Stage 15 keep him from edging out Contador for the yellow jersey? — Kelly McGettigan

The Simpsons (repeat)
8 pm/ET Fox
Kelsey Grammer is famous for playing Dr. Frasier Crane in Frasier and Cheers, but his venerable voice turn as Sideshow Bob, Bart Simpson's diabolical (albeit hapless) nemesis in more than a dozen episodes of The Simpsons over 21 seasons, may be his next best known role. Executive producer Al Jean likens him to Wile E. Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons, but Grammer confesses to modeling his characterization after stage actor Ellis Rabb. In this repeat from May, Grammer lends his voice to Bart's new neighbor Walt, whom Bart fears is actually Bob in disguise returning for revenge. — Fred Mitchell