Lindsay Price and Carlos Ponce, Lipstick Jungle Lindsay Price and Carlos Ponce, Lipstick Jungle
Lipstick Jungle
10 pm/ET NBC It didn't take long for things to heat up again between Nico and Kirby. But while Nico is enjoying her guilt-free romance, Kirby's plan to take it public isn't exactly welcome news. And things only get worse when she begins clashing with her company's new CEO (guest star James Lesure). Elsewhere, Victory finds out she isn't the only one with relationship baggage when Rodrigo tells her something surprising about himself, and Wendy's home life turns tumultuous once again after she becomes consumed by the John Lennon movie project. — Brie HearnFor full episodes of

Lipstick Jungle, visit our Online Video Guide.Dirty Sexy Money
10:01 pm/ET ABC The Darlings are always a busy bunch, but this week they have even more to deal with than usual. There's the death of Patrick's wife, the fiery demise of their Valhalla estate and the arrest of matriarch Letitia. As for business matters, Brian recommends that Tripp name a successor, and Simon is gung ho about Karen getting that honor. Meanwhile, Nola becomes a little less mysterious when Jeremy finds out what she really does for a living. Musician Kenny G has a cameo. — Jennifer SankowskiFor full episodes of Dirty Sexy Money, visit our Online Video Guide.Project Runway
9 pm/ET Bravo The runway reality romp begins to sew up its fifth season with Part 1 of the two-part finale. The fab four — Jerell Scott, Leanne Marshall, Korto Momolu and smug, ostracized Kenley Collins — are certainly under the Gunn tonight. Mentor Tim Gunn visits them in their respective hometowns to report on the progress of their fashion collections. But there's a pins-and-needles development: One of the contestants will be cut tonight, with only the final three advancing to the fashion fiesta that is New York Fashion Week. — Dean MaurerCheck out clips of Project Runway in our Online Video Guide.The Sarah Silverman Program
10:30 pm/ET Comedy CentralThe second season continues tonight with more of Sarah's shenanigans, though it might be more appropriate to describe them as high jinks. While hanging out with Brian, she decides to smoke pot for the first time. During the ensuing purple haze, she leaves herself a series of voice-mail messages that, at the time, appear to be one brilliant idea after another. Alas, once hindsight sets in, not all of them turn out to be winners, but that's why they call it dope, right Sarah? (Another episode airs tomorrow night at 10:30 pm/ET in the show's regular time slot.) — Joe FriedrichCheck out clips of The Sarah Silverman Program in our Online Video Guide.Criminal Minds
9 pm/ET CBS Guest star Luke Perry has a new following and a new TV zip code that's nothing like Beverly Hills when he plays the leader of an underground cult. Prentiss and Reid go undercover to infiltrate the cult when they get reports of potential child abuse, but their investigation hits a snag when they are taken captive. — Bill EcklundFor clips of Criminal Minds in our Online Video Guide.