Real Housewives of New York City Real Housewives of New York City

Bravo recently announced that it will add a fifth night of original programming, so it's developing a slew of new original series, including another Real Housewives franchise and a scripted dramedy about male prostitutes. Read our snap judgments on the lineup and then tell us in the comments section which series have the potential to be your newest guilty pleasure.

Bravo to start fifth day of programming; ventures into scripted series

New Pick-Ups

Million Dollar Decorators

What It Is: High-end interior decorators in L.A. work with the multi-million-dollar budgets of their wealthy clientele.
Snap Judgment: We love shows about the hubris of the rich, but is this the financial climate for a show about squandering money?
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Pregnant in Heels

What It Is: The owner-designer of an ultra high-end maternity brand, Rosie Pope, coaches privileged expectant mothers of Manhattan.
Snap Judgment: The idea of someone making a living organizing pre-labor Brazilian waxes for pregnant ladies skeeves and intrigues us all at once.
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

What It Is: It's such a natural fit it seems like they should have already done this, doesn't it?
Snap Judgment: Not going to lie: Rich, loud, frozen faced women do it for us.
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In Development (Working Titles)

Around the World in 80 Plates

What It Is: It's a cooking competition series in which contestants travel the globe to face off in challenges about different cultures, customs and cuisines.
Snap Judgment: Top Chef + The Amazing Race = tasty!
Would We Watch? Absolutely!

Commander in Chef

What It Is: Here's another cooking competition that pits established chefs in head-to-head culinary battles before a live studio audience.
Snap Judgment: Total Iron Chef rip-off.
Would We Watch? Probably not.

Fashion Masters

What It Is: It's a two-hour special featuring successful fashion designers squaring off in a design competition.
Snap Judgment: Dear Bravo, Project Runway is gone and never coming back. It's time to move on.
Would We Watch? No. Auf wiedersehen.


What It Is: Undiscovered singer-songwriters battle in weekly songwriting challenges that culminate in the winning song being performed by an established artist.
Snap Judgment: It took Bravo long enough to try to piggyback on American Idol's success.
Would We Watch? Probably.

I'm Not Myself These Days

What It Is: Darren Star (Sex and the City and the original Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210) will executive-produce this one-hour scripted musical drama about a straight, married man who performs as a drag queen at night.
Snap Judgment: Darren Star's take on drag queens could be fabulous, as long as it's more Glee than Viva Laughlin.
Would We Watch? Most likely.

Mia Michaels

What It Is: It's a documentary series about the former So You Think You Can Dance choreographer.
Snap Judgment: If our previous interview with the choreographer is any indication, Michaels is no shrinking violet.
Would We Watch? Maybe.

Room Service

What It's About: It's a one-hour scripted dramedy about a dream team of male escorts (read: hookers) who work out of a four-star hotel.
Snap Judgment: You had us at "male escorts."
Would We Watch? We'd pay to watch.